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Thanks a pile about thinkin' about spendin' your hard earned dollars on an original masterpiece

Whether it's to commemorate a business, retiree, dedicated weekend warrior or just the family on a camping trip I'll do my darnedest to capture the personalities and experiences of the folks and critters important to you.

As you've looked through my galleries I hope you had a good chuckle. That's the idea; I sift through the events and experiences of real people and twist it all into a single snap-shot that tells their story in the funniest way possible.

The sample paintings displayed in my Adventures Gallery are private commissions about real people and their true stories, many are more factual than you would believe because truth is stranger than fiction!

Nag, Nag, Nag!


To commission an Adventure painting:

Tell me your story, or the story of someone who means a lot to you!

Step 1: I'll need a detailed description of the story you would like your painting to be about, along with a little info about the person or people you want in it so I can brainstorm some ideas for you.

Step 2: Once I've come up with a comedic scene that will tickle your funny bone, I'll send you a written description of my idea along with a recommended painting size and cost estimate.

Step 3: If you like my idea and are okay with the price (always negotiable!), I'll ask you for photos of the victim (oops! I mean "subject), any companions to be included in the scene, props (favorite beverage, clothing, vehicle and gear) and location where the scene is to be set.

Step 4: I'll then create and send you a rough idea sketch along with a firm price and a request for a down payment/deposit.

Step 5: When I've received your deposit, I'll do a more detailed version of the sketch with any revisions you may want, and send it to you for your final approval along with an estimated delivery date.

Step 6:
When you've approved your final sketch I'll make it into a painting.

Step 7: When your painting is done I'll send you a digital scan (or "proof ") so you know the work's been completed and is ready to deliver, along with my final invoice for the balance due.

Step 8: As soon as I've received your payment I'll ship your art to you.

Please plan ahead, good things take time! Some paintings can take up to two years to complete, especially if there are a lot of details you want in it.

Adventures: Start at $1,500.00 (plus shipping)


Commission a Pet Portrait

Commission a Pet Portrait

Please send me lots of photos! I not only need "that perfect favorite photo", I need to see your pet from all sides, so I know how they look in 3-D, plus a few photos of them " just being themselves".

I also need a description of what kind of person your pet is, as that is the key to a perfect pet portrait!

"Emma is the sweetest little dog you'd ever meet. She's clever and kind, but also a little bossy"

Pet Portraits Multiple example
Most single pet portraits measure 9 x 12 inches, larger paintings are required for multiple pets or by request, and will cost more.

Allow 4 to 6 weeks minimum.

Pet Portraits: $300.00 per pet (plus shipping)


To Commission a Graphic Design

Looking for a company, team or fundraising cartoon you can put on signs, t-shirts, cups, hats, etc.?

Give me the story about your business, sport or event and I'll craft you a graphic that will appeal to your target audience. Graphics are provided in digital format: jpeg, tif and eps files suitable for all types of printing.

Graphics: Starting at $800.00


Terms of Payment:

Check or money order, 50% deposit required upon ordering.
Balance due upon receipt proof*

*Image scan of finished painting will be sent to the customer via e-mail or mail to confirm
completion, actual art will be shipped upon receipt of balance due.

Contact Chris for more details

By Mail:
Chris Caldwell
PO Box 20019
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Y1A 7A2
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The 5% Fire Brigade Limited Edition Print
The 5% Fire Brigade � 18" x 24" Limited Edition Print in series of 250

$250.00 plus tax, shipping and handling.
Contact Midnight Sun Emporium, Whitehorse
Ph: 867-668-4350

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Cast of Characters

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